semi-biweekly update:

at the last presidio pancake breakfast, there was an indifferent morgon, a la tur on the verge of liquescence, many potatoes, and many visitors. sabeel was in town to do san francisco before an extended stint as a laureled scholar; he came up to the city with aaron, josh, and jon. after breakfast, we packed everyone into the car and proceeded to crissy field and fort point where the winds were gale-force and the views over the pacific into the setting sun spectacular in their emptiness.

the desk is nearly done. all the pieces came together three saturdays ago. there was lots of scraping to get rid of the resin that had overflowed the cracks, then lots of hammering during glue-up for the mortised pegs that will drop into the supporting frame. the pegs required precise positioning but had no mechanism for positioning themselves; the resulting clamping setup was awkward. a week later, clamps removed, one of the pegs had moved enough that it would have been pretty devastating but -- minor miracle -- everything works just perfect on assembly. it took about an hour to remove all the excess glue and chisel everything down, then a sanding progression, compressed air, and a wipe-down with a damp cloth. i sealed the top with a coat of waterlox; as the cloth moved over the wood, it turned from pale yellow to warm gold.

lupa is tremendous because just down the street. the ravioli i got in a brown butter sauce was translucent enough to see the shreds of chard in the chard and ricotta filling within.

finally come to earth, to the top floor of a walk-up on church street. there is a balcony overlooking the j-church line, and so much room in the pantry and kitchen that we've considered renting them out. one of the back rooms has a view down the slope of the liberty hill and toward the bay. there is a 24-hour donut shop on the opposite corner and it is not possible to move without tripping on a semi-unpacked box or a grocery bag.