after john's big show and tell about the new router bits he bought for a custom commission, i began cutting down the pegs that will hold the table down to the frame. you can see them in the picture in the upper left. the top bit with the sharp edges is a through tenon that will be placed into a mortise cut into the tabletop and then wedged. i cut the pegs almost exclusively using hand tools. that odd keystone-shaped saw up in the right is a japanese two-edged razorsaw with a 1/16" kerf. i may have to buy one, it is so amazing. marking out the mortises on the top was more complicated than at first it appeared -- john turned to me, after we'd flipped the frame up over the top, and said "nothing about this project is easy, is it?" to mark the mortises, i clamped the pegs to the frame, then clamped the frame to the top. i ended up positioning it with significant overhang on the front edge to emphasise that nice sapline crack that runs through the length of the first board. the pictures don't lie: this is one enormous desk.