march, whoa!, what a month. in the middle of it, i upped sticks and headed out to hawaii to spend a couple of days with magali, mervin, and zach, about which more anon. when i got back, work had turned into a madhouse and it was with particular satisfaction that i headed to woodshop yesterday, after helping john pack his apartment into a u-haul. there was quite a lot of stuff.

at the shop, after 3 hours of shaving away at the tenons to achieve a sixteenths of an inch fit, i cut up some spare cherry for the keys and finally got the frame to stand. no glue yet, but the test fit shows it to be level and rock solid.

true, hand-cut mortise-and-tenon joinery throughout, and quarter-sawn white ash. the clamps on the near frame are for pre-glue-up stability. in the background, the sawstop table saw's base is visible. this saw will stop (going from thousands of RPM to 0) in 1/30th of a second the moment the blade touches flesh.

close-up of the internally-keyed locking tenon, with one of the full-size keys out for display. the removable locking key allows the frame to be built free of metal hardware but still be stable and easily dissassembled -- in case i ever need to bring it through, say, airport security.

now accepting commissions from the interested public.