up early, went for a quick run by boulder creek. brisk morning but it became nice soon enough. by the time i got back, packed everything (except, as it turns out, the blackberry charger), and loaded up the car, there was just enough time to get a sandwich packed for lunch before i had to head for the airport. 1h 45min was just enough time to get back to denver, fill up on gas, get through security (mindbogglingly, infuriatingly, unbelievably long lines), and then onto the plane back to san francisco.

but dinner. ever since i stopped by fort mason almost a month ago to find no tables free, i've lusted after dinner at greens. as i walked there along the marina waterfront, i was excited and cleaning my glasses assiduously when the left lens popped out. curses! i thought, and rushed to the marina safeway where they sell shoelaces, big screwdrivers (a variety), fruit by the cartload, but no tiny screwdrivers for which i would have lined their pockets. nevertheless, wedged into the frame, the lens held the night without falling into the soup. i didn't have any soup. the prix fixe is all they serve on saturday nights and the entire restaurant was packed. mary, paul, and i decided to get the wine pairing as well -- this made choosing dishes both easier and more complicated, since i ended up picking dishes based on the wines paired. they started off with a j brut sparkling white, dry and crisp with a continuous stream of tiny bubbles, followed by a puligny-montrachet white burgundy (fragrant, dry), an albarigno (buttery, with the taste of oaked chardonnays), and a carneros pinot noir (spicy, slightly cloudy, with a slightly floral aroma), and then a yalumba tawny port with dessert and an green oolong. the food was outstanding too: radish, quick pickled cucumber slices, andante dairy cream cheese, pain epi and straus butter; roasted figs (black and green) on a rosemary skewer, charentais melon slices; roasted poblano with corn, tomato, pepper, tomatillo salsa, and grilled polenta slices (incredible polenta); and then a nectarine brioche bread pudding with blackberry sauce and some kind of flavoured creme fraiche. it ranks among the best meals i've had -- not just for the food, which was of superb quality, but also for the company -- then walked home in the dark along mason street marveling at the points of light on the bridge and across the bay.